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There are many benefits of working for our centre as an instrumental tutor...

Just Teach

You don't have to do any administration jobs such as advertising and marketing, timetabling, booking lessons or taking payments. You can focus simply on teaching alone.

No Travelling

You can teach back to back lessons without any travel time or expenses to take into consideration between lessons.

Secured Payment

Once we have secured payment from the student(s) and booked the lessons in you will be contracted for those set hours and then paid for your time. Without the worry of losing money for a last minute cancellation or an absence.


You are covered under our insurance whilst you are teaching in our centre.


You will have the support, expertise and combined knowledge of the rest of the experienced team at Learn Music to assist and give guidance if neccessary and/or upon request.


You will have access to all of the resources available at our centre including a large admin office, teaching help sheets and work sheets, a vast computer network with interactive resources for use in lessons and assistance with exam preparation, not to mention the FREE tea and coffe!

Teaching Credentials:

Applicants should have achieved grade 8 (or equivalent) on their primary instrument, and a minimum of grade 5 (or equivalent) on any secondary instruments which are intended to be taught (multi-instrumentalist tutors are prefered and invaluable!). Tutors with a diploma and/or degree in music (or equivalent) are prefered but this is not a necessity. Any formal teaching qualifications (such as a PGCE or teaching dimloma etc.) are greatly valued but are not required for instrumental tuition. Applicants should have a thorough knowledge of music theory of at least a grade 5 standard and should also be compitent in their aural perception skills.
To enquire about working at Learn Music please send us a copy of your CV to jobs@learnmusic.co.uk We will do our best to respond to all e-mails promptly regardless of successful application or not, however this may take several working days. Any successful applicants will be asked to come in for an interview, however this may not lead to imminent or immediate work.